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Dasha K.
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Hi, I'm Dasha K. Or dashakay. I've been writing fic on and off since (gasp!) 1998, when velociraptors roamed the Earth and we all posted our fic to Usenet.

This is the home of the vast majority of my fic, although there are a few early X-Files stories that are truly too terrible to be seen in public without needing serious brain bleach.

You can also find my fic on AO3.

I'm also on Tumblr.


Battlestar Galactica | Big Bang Theory | Buffy the Vampire Slayer | Elementary | Hunger Games

Parks and Recreation | The Office | True Blood | The X-Files

Battlestar Galactica RPF | X-Files RPF

Warnings Policy:

1. I always warn for major character death, sexual assault, child abuse/incest, extreme violence/torture and self-harm. I don't want to trigger survivors.

2. I won't always reveal a pairing in my story's headers if I feel it might give away too much about the plot. Read at your own risk.

3. I also do not warn for drug/alcohol use/abuse. Please read at your own risk.

4. I'm pretty inconsistent for warning for spoilers for X-Files. However, since the series ended seven years ago, I'm going to assume you've seen all the episodes. If you haven't and are concerned about being spoiled, PM me and ask.

5. If I did inadvertently trigger you with something else I didn't mention (or I've somehow forgotten a warning) and you'd like a warning added, just ask! I really don't want to trigger survivors and I'm open to your suggestions for warnings.


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