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Battlestar Galactica Stories

A Carton of Smokes for Your Love
(NC-17) (Adama/Roslin)
She curses her fair Caprican genes and the idea that skinnydipping in the mountain lake was a good idea.

Addiction (R) (Adama/Roslin)
He watches her through half-mast eyes, enjoying the view.

Better (PG-13) (Lee/Dee, Dee/Billy) (Crossover with The Office)
She just plain has to get out of this tiny box now or she'll suffocate on the bad air that's built up in the last several weeks.

Blood and Sweat, Flesh and Bone (NC-17) (Adama/Roslin)
He is the only one among 41,422 human beings who calls her Laura, and not Madam President. And nothing turns her on more than hearing him say her name.

Can't Always Get What You Want (NC-17) (Mary/Eddie RPF)
Sex, drugs and rock and roll.

Communion (PG) (Crossover with True Blood)
When she wakes, she's ravenous.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell (NC-17) (Mary/Eddie RPF)
Over the years, she's rarely exercised her privilege. Maybe she's truly a monogamist at heart.

Eating (R) (Adama/Roslin)
She missed the feel of her favorite wooden spoon in her hand as she stirred sauces. She missed the thunk of the knife on the cutting board, the music of chopping onions and garlic.

Flight School (NC-17) (Kara/Laura)
Eternally hot for teacher.

Infinite (R) (Adama/Roslin)
After all, she'll never see him again.

Late Winter Snow (PG) (Adama/Roslin)
Under layers and layers of covers, she curled into Bill's broad chest, letting the heat of his body seep into hers.  Go to sleep, she told herself.  Go to sleep.

Learn to Respect Rank (NC-17) (Adama/Roslin)
Laura is a dirty girl.

Lords of Kobol, Hear My Prayer (NC-17) (Scully/Roslin, Mulder/Scully, crossover with X-Files)
Her old life on Caprica seems very far away right now.

Merchant Ivory (NC-17) (Gillian Anderson/Mary McDonnell RPF)
"A day without corsets. I nearly screamed with pleasure."

One Thousand and One Nights (PG-13) (Adama/Roslin)
Fifty-three hairs in her hairbrush.

Resurrection (R) (Tory/Galen)
It drives him crazy, seeing her every day at the lab.

Seven BSG Drabbles
(NC-17) (Adama/Roslin, Anders/Dualla, Baltar/Roslin, Kara/Laura, Laura Solo, Lee/Ellen, Mary McDonnell/Kate Vernon)
Drabbles originally posted to BSG Kink.

The Air Went Out (R) (Adama/Roslin)
A roadhouse at the end of the world.

The Long Walk (PG) (Adama/Roslin)
She hears a voice say, "Wake up, Madam President. You don't want to be late."

Unpacking (PG-13) (Adama/Roslin)
There is no word to describe her relationship with Bill.

Wireless (R) (Adama/Roslin)
He does not believe in ghosts. He will not see Laura.
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